Investing can be complex. Our investment objectives are simple:






The Zermatt Wealth Partners Investment Process

Over the course of four decades, Zermatt Wealth has developed a robust and flexible investment framework. We are students of markets and constantly evolving our investment methodology in a deliberate fashion. We are not dogmatic in our investment approach or bound to any specific investment philosophy.

Our seasoned investment committee continually develops and adjusts our macroeconomic views. Economic indicators & data, inflation, expected asset class returns, market and sector valuations and many other factors are measured and studied to arrive at a baseline of understanding of the overall market and its constituents, including proprietary asset class ratings. We also study market structure and non-economic inputs such as fund flows, and the reasoning behind those flows, to further inform our asset allocation framework.

From that informed vantage point, we drill down to, what we believe to be, the optimal investment vehicles to express the current ZWP investment committee opinions. Zermatt uses intelligent indexing to express our views on the more efficient areas of the markets and to make quick tactical rotations as needed. We employ carefully vetted and monitored active management specialists in more opaque and inefficient corners of the markets such as emerging markets, junk bonds, municipal bonds, and alternative investments, including private market funds.

Building upon our macro-economic framework, our bottom-up process is focused on maintaining a core position of individual equities that our investment committee believes to be attractively priced based on growth and traditional valuation metrics.

An emphasis on alternative investments

The Zermatt team has extensive, real world experience constructing and managing customized portfolios of institutional-quality, private alternative investments. We firmly believe that alternative investments can provide multiple benefits to an investor’s portfolio, including lowering correlations to the stock and bond markets with the introduction of idiosyncratic (non-market related) risk and reward elements to enhancing returns, by exposing a portion of the portfolio to private markets or less efficient corners of the public markets.

Alternative investments fall into two broad categories:

  • Private Equity: Investing in the equity of private companies of all stages from Venture Capital, Growth Equity, to more mature Buy-out funds and direct investments.
  • Private Credit: Investing in the debt of or making loans to Private Companies at all stages of business maturity.
  • Real Assets: Real Estate, Timber Land and Infrastructure are prime examples.

These investments are often associated with capital commitments, capital calls and non-linear cash flows for investors. We have the necessary tools and partners in place to research, construct, manage and efficiently report on these investments to deliver a tailored and powerful conduit to the private markets in an investor friendly fashion.

Strategies include Long/Short, Global Macro, Relative Value, Activist, Systematic, Quantitative, Event Driven, Distressed Credit and Multi-Strategy. We view the role of hedge funds as “the third leg” of the traditional investing stool, complimenting and bridging the role between stocks and bonds from a statistical perspective. We believe a diversified portfolio of hedge funds can provide idiosyncratic diversifying sources of return streams and an attractive risk to reward profile for investors with greater liquidity than private market funds.

Comprehensive Wealth Planning & Financial Analysis

Your GPS & Mapping System for Wealth

Would you ever embark on a multi-day hike into the wilderness without a compass or map? Or disembark on a trans-ocean voyage without a navigation system? Could you?… Of course, and you would most certainly end up “somewhere” … Should you? We think not! To arrive accurately and efficiently at your desired destination, navigation is key. A detailed and comprehensive wealth plan serves that navigational role in your wealth journey, and our team acts as a guide.

Wealth planning is different for every client from young to old, millionaire to multi-millionaire, and spenders to savers. We work with you to establish objectives, and we create a clear analytical framework to assist you in achieving those goals. If a storm pops up and forces you off course or the weather is clear and you are ahead of schedule, we update the wealth plan to find the best path forward and get back on track.

What does detailed comprehensive wealth planning entail:

  • Resource and Liability Analysis
  • Cash Flow Forecasting: income & expense projection incorporating inflation and forward-looking asset class return assumptions
  • Goals based Wants & Needs identification
  • Investor psychological profiling and risk assessment
  • Portfolio and scenario stress testing analysis
  • Probability of success scoring which can incorporate multiple scenarios
  • Agreed upon asset allocation framework for investing
  • Estate Planning Review to ensure “soundness from an immediate beneficiary wealth transfer, a generational wealth transfer and asset protection perspectives.
  • Liability & Insurance Assessment
  • Family Governance and Financial Literacy Education across generations

We update your financial plan periodically or as major life or financial events occur to ensure you are continually travelling on your ideal path and have a firm grasp of your wealth picture.