Employee Equity Compensation DASHBOARD & FRAMEWORK

A proprietary wealth planning tool from the team
at Zermatt Wealth Partners

OUR MISSION: Bring “science” to the “art” of employee equity compensation (EEC) planning. Pre & Post-IPO employees and their financial advisors often lack a logical, rules-based framework to optimize the wealth associated with RSUs, Stock Options, other forms of employee equity comp and the resultant concentrated stock positions.

Additionally, when corporate or market related ‘inflection events’ have a significant impact around the perception of your company’s share price and perceived value, we often see avoidable chaos, confusion, and anxiety creep into the equation, including an abundance of misinformation around taxes. This and general busyness often lead employees to miss out on crucial tax mitigation and intelligently timed diversification opportunities.

Our experience with pre & post IPO employee clients led our team to develop a proprietary, analytical, and illustrative planning tool and framework to bring clear insights to our pre-, post- & long-time public employee clients equity comp, which ties into their broader wealth and financial plan. Our end goal is to help clients create more positive outcomes, and bring them more clarity and peace of mind, which only clear information and planning can provide.

How does the ZWP EEC Dashboard help formulate and implement sound strategies around employee equity compensation:

  • FORECAST the WEALTH related to the share price of your stock, RSUs, and options over the short, intermediate, and long-term on an after-tax Pro-forma basis. This requires a logical rules-based system and set of price inputs that blend the recent past, the not-too-distant future, and the long-term potential share price performance of your stock.
  • NAVIGATE & OPTIMIZE STOCK OPTIONS (NQSOs & ISOs) through the lens of our on the run tax-proforma calculator which was developed in consultation with a trusted third-party tax preparation firm.
  • Define a Stock Sale Strategy: Assess your risk tolerance and the tax consequences of buy, hold, and sale decisions over time and in various ‘position tranches’.
  • BRING FLEXIBILITY: We update each client’s customized dashboard quarterly at a minimum via our rules-based share price forecasting framework. However, our framework is designed to allow us to analyze and illustrate a variety of scenarios as market conditions or your goals change evolve.
  • TIE IT TOGETHER: The formulaic forecasted resultant cashflows from the EEC dashboard are integrated into your broader financial plan to give you a comprehensive wealth planning perspective, updated quarterly or as needed. This gives you quick access on how well you are tracking to achieve your long-term wealth related goals.

You can access a sample copy of the proprietary ZWP Employee Equity Compensation Dashboard and Framework by completing the form.

The sample should give you a feel for how our framework and planning process can help optimize your wealth accumulation outcomes and bring you more peace of mind. If you could not tell already, our team is passionate about specialized employee comp planning and analysis, and you could always book a 15 minute, complimentary discovery call here: https://calendly.com/andrew-wealthevolved/employee-equity-com-intro-call

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