Understanding Employee Equity Compensation

Don’t leave chips on the table

A mini e-Book from Zermatt Wealth Partners

Your employee equity compensation can be a vital component to your long-term wealth creation but often requires detailed analysis, time, and attention. A specialized wealth management team can work with you to unlock the most value possible from your employee equity compensation on an after-tax basis.

This mini e-book covers the following topics:

  • An overview of the types of employee equity compensation, including Restricted Stock Units, Stock Options and Employee Equity Participation Programs.
  • Strategy and tax overview.
  • Ideas for properly viewing and managing concentrated stock positions, including the tax strategies around highly appreciated stock positions.
  • Navigating black out windows.

Some Excerpts from the mini book:

“Employee Equity Compensation comes in a variety of formats and often requires a game plan, diligence, and timeliness to obtain optimal value.”

“…various forms of employee equity compensation can have varying tax implications and require specialized analysis and a nuanced approach in terms of being prepared for tax liabilities and optimizing the after-tax value of employee equity compensation securities.”

“Unlike Restricted Stock units, all forms of Stock Options require action on the part of employees to realize their value.”

“We get it: A) You don’t enjoy paying taxes, and B) You think your company is going to the moon compared to the stock market, so how can a wealth manager help???”

“The data indicates that single name stock exposure comes with significant risks when compared to owning a diversified portfolio of stocks. These risks often cause significant damage to an individual’s wealth objectives.”

“Don’t let blackout windows and trading restrictions derail your long-term financial goals. Work with a trusted wealth advisor to create an intelligent and thoughtful, systematic, rules-based program to sell your company’s shares to create adequate diversification per your unique financial situation and wealth accumulation objectives.”

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